Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who are you worshiping?

"Little children, keep yourself from idols."

This last verse of the book of 1 John was the subject of this morning's sermon. Perhaps it may seem like a strange text for advent, but the conclusion to my pastor's series on 1 John was tied in beautifully to the message of "Angels from the Realms of Glory" -- "Come and worship Christ, the newborn King."

I found myself incredibly convicted this morning, especially by the definition given for idolatry. To paraphrase what was said this morning, idolatry happens when the absence of anything makes me doubt God's goodness. In other words -- if I am sick, and that makes me doubt God's goodness, my health has become an idol. If I require anything beyond salvation to believe God, I have become guilty of idolatry.

Another, perhaps more subtle example of idolatry was pointed out in my philosophy class just last week. Can't philosophical systems become idols as well? My philosophy professor raised this question, reminding us students that philosophers, by nature, claim to have the answer to the way the world works. Whether it be Descartes or Kierkegaard, empiricism or rationalism, a philosophical system explains everything... even God's actions. It's very easy for that philosophical system to start not just describing how God acts, but defining it. In essence, we can easily elevate a system as an authority over God, creating an idol of our own intellect.

So -- the question I've been pondering all afternoon: Who am I worshiping?

With love from an absolute doll,

Erin Joy

P.S. -- Listen to Pastor Worley's sermon, entitled "Idols," here:

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  1. Kirsten,

    After I read this blog, I listened to one of my brother's sermon's titled "What Child is This?" and was struck by how well it went along with your post!

    The whole of the message addresses what you were sharing about our philosophical systems--we can become so prideful and content with having answers, systematic theology, etc, that we forget to revel in the MYSTERY of God, and worship!

    And then, he ties it all together beautifully the last ten minutes with that last verse from 1 John, "Little Children, keep yourself from idols."

    The message is on the Deity of Jesus Christ, and why we cannot possibly be saved without believing that Jesus is God. But Timothy states at the beginning that it is not one that seeks to give facts and prove His deity, but rather a message in which to be awed by the mystery, and worship who Jesus Christ is.

    I was so blessed, and in light of what you have been learning, and how much you loved yesterday's sermon, I think you will be blessed as well should you have time to listen to this! I listed to it inbetween calls at work.

    And I hope I can listen to Pastor Worley's message as well! For some reason, I cannot get it to work.

    Much love,