Thursday, December 2, 2010

incarnation in song :)

Take a moment and stop, in the busyness of December, to reflect on the reason we celebrate. Isn't it the simple, beautiful truth that God became man? When you think about it, the story of Christmas gives us reason to contemplate and celebrate one of the most integral parts of our faith. Focusing on Jesus at Christmas shouldn't just mean getting warm fuzzies and singing lullabies. It should mean remembering that the God of the universe chose to wrap Himself in the form of  a tiny baby -- then, now, and forever fully God and fully man.

I've been reflecting on the incarnation lately. With preparing to lead worship back in the country on December 26, and getting ready for our Christmas concert in the city this weekend, I've been filling my mind with the lyrics of solid hymns -- O Come All Ye Faithful, What Child Is This, Angels from the Realms of Glory, to name a few.

A contemporary song has been added to the mix. While I first heard this song on the radio a few years ago, I've grown incredibly attached to it this semester. Joy Williams's "Here With Us" is one of the most beautiful portraits of Christ's incarnation in song. It's not full of big theological terminology, but rather focuses on the simplicity of the mystery: God, now man, "here with us."

Listen to it here. You'll be glad you did.

With love from an absolute doll,

Erin Joy


  1. Good thoughts, dolly-girl. I once received a letter at Christmas time that challenged me to think about the fact that the infinite Creator of the Univere allowed himself to be contained in a single human cell (at the beginning of conception.) The incarnation of our precious Jesus is something worth pondering. There are always new facets to consider, because we will never be able to totally wrap our minds around what it means.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the bustle of the end of the semester and all the Christmas stuff going on that we forget to ponder the miracle that Christmas is. I loved the line: "his ears had heard an angel symphony and still Mary had to rock her savior to sleep". What an absolute miracle.