Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Waitressing Tales

Being a waitress is full of adventures! Whether it's getting a $5 tip just for serving someone a Sprite, or dealing with a coffee maker that I still haven't mastered, there's always something interesting every day. This post will be a collection of musings, stories and the like... all about my summer job.

The other day, I was delivering a room service order to the third floor. (I had to climb the cart to reach the elevator button... but I got there eventually.) A lady answered the door, looking like she'd had a long day. She was exhausted, a bit disheveled, and if memory serves me correctly, had probably been crying a bit. The TV was on in the other room. As I shimmied up to the top of the cart and started shoving the plates onto her table, she looked at me and said with a pitiful look, "That's so sad... about Michael Jackson." Ummm... wow. I realize many are mourning his death, and it is sad... but this seemed just a bit over the top.

I've discovered that I sell more desserts if I describe one or two, instead of just asking if they want to see the menu. More people look at the menu after I've suggested strawberry shortcake, and if they look at the menu, they're much more likely to buy something. I've even sold a strawberry shortcake or two without bringing a menu. It sounds good, so they take it!! :)

One lady tried to convince me that it was illegal to serve a hamburger cooked medium rare. We even had the chef out there, telling her that no, it wasn't against health codes. I don't think she ever believed us. (Just for the record, dear readers, you can serve beef cooked however you want... from raw to hockey puck.)

I cooked my first crème brulée the other night. Normally, we cook this with a torch in front of the customer. It was fun and made me nervous at the same time. I was careful not to get my fabric singed.

One of my favorite tables recently had several elderly people who had driven hours that day, heading to a nearby lake for a family reunion. They stopped in the town where the restaurant is to stay the night... and they were very cheery and chatty. As soon as they found out that I had vacationed a couple years ago in their home state, they were delighted to chat, and chat, and chat... :) (I mean, after all, not every doll is as well-traveled as I!)

Well... I've got a pile of things to do before I go and wait tables tonight. So I think I'll sign off for now!

With love from an absolute doll,
Erin Joy
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  1. I think your summer adventures are great, Erin. You need to post more of them!